In the spirit of Openess and to reflect on trying to avoid unpaid labour in any form, we’ve decided to publish how much #pressEDconf18 cost us.

This is partly awkward, as Pat (@pgogy) is self-employed and so his time is costed differently to Natalie (@nlafferty). So we’ve done one costing with Pat time spent, and one without Pat time spent. It also ignores the time others spent doing peer review and planning their talks. Feel free to comment to add in your costs and so on.


  • Domain name (Web hosting was as part of an existing reclaim hosting install) $12
  • Email hosting for so as to bypass university spam filters $42
  • Book tokens for keynotes £100
  • Laserdiscs for one keynote $25

Total £100 + $79 currency conversion –

So that’s a total of £162 (without any labour costs)

Pat labour

  • Writing theme and plugins to help facilitate the conference £500 (2 and a bit days)
  • The day of the conference itself £250 (a day, a night, and some of the morning after)

So the total is either

£162 or £912

Income – a perfectly formed zero

We could have done it for less (possibly nothing), but we wanted to do it our way. Not going to bother with a Frank Sinatra gif, again, add those to the comments.

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