Derek Robertson

Derek Robertson’s career in teaching and teacher education has seen him explore the place and purpose of a range of digital technologies in the learning process. He was heavily involved in developing effective practices around the use of commercial off the shelf computer games in primary and secondary schools, an initiative which he led at National level in Scotland. As Head of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Dundee, he works with colleagues across a range of disciplines in order to make informed decisions about how existing and emerging digital tools and spaces can enhance, and where possible, transform the learner experience.

Derek’s PressED keynote will detail the circumstances and events that led to the development of the WordPress ePortfolio in the undergraduate teacher education programmes at the University of Dundee. He will discuss the rationale for its design and how the affordances of WordPress meant that it could more than meet the aspirations of his School’s ePortfolio vision and in so doing, make a significant contribution to the development of the culture of the professionally reflective teacher. He will detail the challenges and opportunities that have arisen over the course of this initiative and will also talk about the lessons learned and how he and his colleagues have changed aspects of how the WordPress ePortfolio is managed and supported on the programme.

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